Deepfakes of CEOs, politicians and public figures can cause tremendous damage on reputation and even compromise public safety. Secret services and law enforcement authorities like the FBI warn that deepfakes will take cyberattacks to a whole new level.

As you can learn from a statement in the video above, all the video meetings have made us more vulnerable. Businesses leaders and officials need to secure virtual leadership communication against deepfakes.

Customers of Vgency enjoy a full spectrum of knowhow from enterprise video expertise to the ability to create astonishing deepfakes in Hollywood quality. Our workshops raise awareness in organizations by experiencing a deepfake creation first hand. Clients learn what efforts it takes, what tools and processes are available, how a future with deepfakes as the new normal will look like and how to protect organizations from deepfake based cyberattacks.

Now is the time to prepare and learn what countermeasures are available to verify important communication and to minimize the risk of deepfakes. In the future, it's only real if it's verified. Learn more...

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