In the crowded market of online video communication, Vgency established a partnership with a solution provider that makes a difference.

Riverside can be used for video conferencing while its strength is recording of podcasts and interviews in studio quality. The method to guarantee highest possible quality is different and unique compared to other solutions:

Every attendee captures a high-quality recording on their local devices. All recordings are uploaded to the cloud and the best quality levels of each recording will be combined in the final online version. Riverside combines the best aspects of online and offline video recording:

  • Runs entirely in the browser or as mobile apps
  • Realtime conferencing via WebRTC works with adaptive bitrates to adjust to the available bandwidth
  • Local recordings from all attendees get uploaded in the background to the cloud in highest quality
  • Realtime conferencing can be at low quality and even choppy but the local recording will later be available in highest quality

It's a typical requirement to first troubleshoot and improve unreliable internet connectivity before recording important video interviews or podcasts. Riverside on the other hand can be used at low real-time quality while the recorded version will still deliver pristine video and audio.

Vgency recommends Riverside.fm to underline our mission that official communication needs to be verifiable. In order to do so, verification of official video communication must be based on high video and audio quality. As we explain tirelessly, protection against deepfake and audiovisual manipulation starts with high video and audio quality which is a major benefit when working with Riverside. Another feature of Riverside allows producers to switch between available camera sources of the attendee's computers. Using multiple camera angles (multicam) is another effective protection against deepfake.

Vgency helps customers and partners who recognize Riverside as a relevant solution for official communication.

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