Deepfake Support

Everyone's image and voice data is exposed to the risk of malicious deepfakes.

Deepfakes of leaders and public figures can cause damage on reputation and even compromise public safety. Law enforcement and government agencies express their warnings since years that deepfakes take cyberattacks to a whole new level. Businesses leaders and officials need to adapt their virtual leadership methods and prepare their communication against deepfakes.

A snap shot of our Sony FS7 cinema camera system from our film set, while producing a documentary series for the Holocaust Center for Humanities. Here we are interviewing a local high school about their experience with some of the Center’s teaching materials.

Vgency Deepfake Help Desk

Customers can subscribe to the Vgency Deepfake Help Desk in order to submit support requests. One subscription covers one simultaneous case to address your questions about deepfakes via email.

Deepfake Exposure Analysis

Included in the help desk subscription is a deepfake exposure analysis to estimate the risk of a deepfake based cyber attack. Vgency reviews public image and voice data of the exposed individual and estimates the exposure risk. Customers can also request a customized analysis outside the subscription to include the creation of test deepfakes for awareness building.

Deepfake Workshops

Deepfake based cyberattacks can be costly, both financially and in reputation damage. Businesses and organizations can book individual workshops with Vgency experts to learn how to manage the risks of deepfake technology. Customers of Vgency enjoy a deep level of expertise from enterprise video to Hollywood deepfake production, as well as digital forensics.

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