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AI based video and sound optimization is on the rise. Image quality enhancement and background audio noise removal try to overcome technical limitations of cameras and microphones when capturing reality. Virtual backgrounds, AR effects and virtual avatars on the other hand leave audiovisual reality behind by introducing new virtual realities. Using virtual backgrounds in video calls is the first step into the metaverse. We currently experience a fascinating mix of video, voice and virtualization.

AI based optimization and deepfake are two sides of the same coin. It's astonishing how AI optimization can improve video and sound quality and it's frightening to see the potential damage of malicious deepfakes. Our workshops help getting prepared. Learn more...

Enterprise Video Experts

The COVID pandemic triggered a boom in video communication across all types of organizations. Organizations had to learn that uninterrupted realtime video transmission in «Netflix» quality requires reliable solutions and services.

Video conferencing, streaming, webcasting, via WebRTC, CDN, ECDN and VPN services, in the home office and intranet, through the Great Firewall of China and other boundaries, at low and ultra-low latency: Vgency is the trusted advisor to help understanding and assessing the best video and voice technologies.

Verified by Vgency

Official communication in the Metaverse needs to be verifiable. Vgency is a neutral and provider independent Verification Agency to help securing verified communication in the Metaverse. Learn more...